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IRIS Connect – PLD for educators, powered by Cognition Education 

Since inception, our mission in the education sector has remained the same: to drive improvements in educational outcomes through more effective PLD for educators and schools. We strive to empower and connect teachers, supporting them to be the best they can be. 

Empowered, connected and confident teachers are stronger teachers and stronger teachers nurture better outcomes for learners.

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As a video based PLD solution, IRIS Connect is in a class of its own.

We deliver secure, effective and collaborative PLD that can be used in conjunction with your current PLD objectives. Looking to improve your educational outcomes? We can help you plan where you can have the biggest impact. Cognition’s team of Ministry of Education Accredited Consultants can work with you to help support and empower your educators: helping you help their learning.

IRIS Connect is built upon research for highly effective professional learning.

Embedded in research, IRIS Connect was developed in 2007 and has since grown worldwide. Tens of thousands of teachers now use our professional development tool, recording thousands of videos each week. IRIS Connect, video based PLD for educators, was introduced into New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands by Cognition Education. 

We know how learners learn. 

IRIS Connect is built upon research into effective professional learning. Our platform has been used by educational research programmes all over the world and we have engaged in research programmes to assess and refine our own tools. 

by research; 

University of Sussex

Utah State University 

Used as a resource in research:

Harvard University 

VIA University College 


of research:

University of Bedfordshire

University of Birmingham 

Education Endowment Fund

You can find the two seminal research papers from which IRIS Connect was born here:

You can also find further related research into PLD for educators, including the
Education Foundation Fund Evaluation Report. 

External Evaluation of the University of Sussex In-School Teacher Education Programme

Investigating the Effectiveness of a Telepresence-Enabled Cognitive Apprenticeship Model of Teacher Professional Development 

The Cognition Connection

Cognition Education is proud to be the exclusive distribution partner of IRIS Connect in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

IRIS Connect is powered by Cognition Education’s team of experts, which means your Schools’ PLD journey just became more sought after. Utilising Cognition Education’s Accredited Consultants in the implementation process, leaders and teachers can expect visible impact, positive outcomes and positive change for students and school systems.

About Cognition Education Group

Cognition Education Group’s innovative education solutions are changing the way the world learns. The Group offers a diverse range of services, including; Expert consultancy; Professional development; Early-years and primary tutoring; Digital learning and Publishing. They are New Zealand headquartered with a global outlook, proudly delivering knowledge to communities in more than 30 countries worldwide. The team works across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, unleashing the power of education to transform the lives of children, young people and adults around the world.

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