Video conferencing is an exciting technology that is significantly helping to address the challenges of social isolation and reduced collaboration faced by teachers and students.

Sadly, the conferencing tools being offered by the big multinationals have been borrowed from the corporate sector meaning that uptake across the education sector has been stressful and patchy. You’ve probably found they either lack education-specific tools or have question marks over their security and compliance in an education context. You are not alone.

With a decade of experience in working with schools on video collaboration and a track record of securely managing over 200,000 hours of classroom footage, we knew we had a role to play in delivering what schools needed. We believe schools deserve video conferencing for teachers built specifically for learning.

With that in mind, we’re proud to announce the launch of IRIS Connect Rooms: a fully-featured video tool that goes beyond simple conferencing, to address hybrid and blended learning challenges faced by you, and every school, today.


Education specific functionality


In addition to all of the standard tools that you would expect to see within a conferencing environment, you’ll get incorporated break-out rooms, presentation sharing and annotation tools. The experience is entirely delivered in your web browser, meaning no plugins to install. Just click on the link and you’re ready to go on any device.

To address the issues faced by schools, we needed to do better than offer a simple video sharing environment. With learning taking place in different locations, schools face the ongoing prospect of shifting their primary mode of delivery at short notice. Consequently IRIS Connect Rooms supports learning wherever it’s happening and makes it accessible whenever it’s needed. Share your live learning environment with absent students and overcome the feeling of isolation in one secure space. This is more than just video conferencing!


Seamless integration with IRIS Connect


Not only can you share a live learning environment with remote parties but you can also save a recording straight to your IRIS Connect Reflections Library to be accessed at a later date.

Recordings can be shared with either teacher or student groups. Video is delivered via an interactive interface allowing key moments to be highlighted, conversations developed and questions answered. 

For a more holistic learning experience, you can share videos alongside other learning materials, like documents, discussions boards and tasks.


Extremely high-security standards 


With a subscription to IRIS Connect Rooms, your school will also benefit from its own dedicated conferencing server, managed and run via GDPR compliant processing arrangements. This clear audit trail and our world-leading experience in education security will help your school gain vital buy-in from teachers, students and parents.



Our newest feature is now live video conferencing for teachers.