Transforming PLD

Transform PLD to create better teacher and learner outcomes. 

High performing teachers make a huge difference to learner outcomes, and to see this change, teachers require PLD that maximises the practical application of theory.

IRIS Connect bridges the gap between teaching theory and teaching practice by connecting educators with one another through smart, innovative PLD video software allowing them to inquire, reflect and refine practice collaboratively.

Video coaching tool PLD

Effective PLD software

After years of research and development working with schools, colleges, and universities, IRIS Connect understands that effective PLD can be expensive, hard to implement and difficult to scale, which is why we developed our state-of-the-art professional learning technology to:


Deliver high impact


Enhance teacher collaboration


Be flexible


Reduce the cost of effective PLD


Achieve better outcomes for students


Improve teaching practices.

IRIS Connect has partnered with Cognition Education to bring the leading video-based collaboration PLD tool to New Zealand and Australia. Using IRIS Connect in your school, CoL or Kāhui Ako gives you the power to transform your current and future PLD. 

Transform PLD to transform teaching 

The effective PLD software from IRIS Connect is shown by independent research to make a difference where it matters.

– 99% of teachers reported an increase in conversations between teachers about teaching in their school.

– 94% said their teaching had improved.

88% felt there had been a positive impact on collaboration.

88% said their confidence had risen.

Video coaching tool PLD

Our secure PLD platform and powerful classroom (and virtual classroom) observation tools make it safe and simple for teachers to take control of their PLD by:

  • Analysing the impact of their teaching through recording and reflecting on practice.
  • Observing other teachers in action, sharing techniques, strategies and modelling good practice.
  • Overcoming timetable constraints with scalable, high-quality, virtual coaching.
  • Collaborating over geographical distance with greater flexibility.
  • Connecting with other education professionals and establishing professional learning communities.
Video coaching tool PLD

 “If you look at the research, it says that about 80% of what happens in a class a teacher does not see or hear. How can we get more eyes into the class? How do you get teachers to see what it’s like being a student in their classroom? I’m a great fan of recording classrooms and using video to show teachers how they look to students. That’s the power of video, it’s another way to see your impact.” – Prof. John Hattie

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